Welcome to the Summer Camp Leadership blog. For those of us who lead summer camps, making a positive difference in the lives of young people is our passion. Turning that passion into a reality, however, takes more than the ability to lead songs, teach archery or plan craft projects. Creating camp experiences that truly transform lives takes leadership. Leadership that creates a vision for the future, leadership that inspires and engages others, leadership that remains focused and stays the course. My hope is through this blog you'll find ideas, inspiration and tools to help you be a great summer camp leader.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Getting People to Speak Up

Have you had the experience of having someone not speak up in a meeting when decisions are made and then after the meeting express their disagreement? Such behavior can be divisive and undermines the effectiveness of the team that made the decision.  This type of passive-agreesive behavior can also be toxic to your camp's culture.

One way to help avoid this situation is to set one straightforward ground rule for all of your meetings... silence equals agreement. Staff members need to know that silence does not mean "I don't agree" or "I want to think about it." If someone decides not to participate as a decision is made, they need to know the opportunity to continue debating the issue is over when the meeting ends.

This ground rule when made clear to your team and consistently applied, goes a long way in helping your team understand the need to speak up when important decisions are being discussed.