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Monday, February 6, 2012

Standard Of Performance

The late Bill Walsh, often referred to as The Genius for his cerebral approach to the game, was arguably one of the greatest football coaches of all time. In his book The Score Takes Care of Itself  Walsh outlines his philosophy of leadership that guided his transformation of the San Francisco 49ers from perennial also rans into a dynasty.

As the title implies, Walsh believed that results (the score in football) come from focusing on the process rather than the end result. Doing the right things, the right way at right time leads to success. Walsh defined these attributes in what he called his Standard of Performance. To Walsh and the whole 49er organization it served as a "a conceptual blueprint for action."

Walsh's Standard of Performance included:
- Exhibit a ferocious and intelligently applied work ethic directed at continual improvement
- Demonstrate respect for each person in the organization and the work he or she does
- Be deeply committed to learning and teaching, which means increasing my own expertise
- Be fair
- Demonstrate character
- Honor the direct connection between details and improvement, and relentlessly seek the later
- Show self control, especially when it counts-under pressure
- Demonstrate and prize loyalty
- Use positive language and have a positive attitude
- Take pride in my effort as an entity separate from the result of that effort
- Be willing to go the extra distance for the organization
- Deal appropriately with victory and defeat, adulation and humiliation
- Seek poise in myself and those I lead
- Put the team's welfare and priorities ahead of my own
- Maintain an ongoing level of concentration and focus that is abnormally high
- Make sacrifice and commitment the organization's trademark