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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Living Social's CEO's Approach to Productivity

In the most recent issue of Inc. Tim O'Shaughnessy, the founder and CEO of LivingSocial writes about some of the techniques he uses to be as productive as possible. Here's a few of his ideas that resonated with me in my roles as a camp director.

- Despite an incredibly busy schedule and the demands of running a huge company he sets aside time each morning, before the demands of work interfere, to go to the gym.

- The first half hour of each day he schedules no meetings or other distractions so he can ease into the day and get prepared.

- As he reads e-mails, he responds immediately to anything that can be done in 30 seconds or less. Anything that will take more time is set aside for hour long blocks scheduled for later in the day.

- Each morning includes time set aside for reading blogs, newsletters, trade journals, etc. to see what's happening in his and related industries. O'Shaughnessy says "the more data you gather, the more likely you'll be successful in the long term."

- Every Monday morning he meets with his key staff to help him staff abreast of what's happening and to help him prioritize his week.

- He carries a notebook with him everywhere to capture thoughts and ideas which allows his mind to move on rather than focusing on remembering.

- He sets a tone of healthy work-life balance for his organization by not working on weekends except in emergencies.