Welcome to the Summer Camp Leadership blog. For those of us who lead summer camps, making a positive difference in the lives of young people is our passion. Turning that passion into a reality, however, takes more than the ability to lead songs, teach archery or plan craft projects. Creating camp experiences that truly transform lives takes leadership. Leadership that creates a vision for the future, leadership that inspires and engages others, leadership that remains focused and stays the course. My hope is through this blog you'll find ideas, inspiration and tools to help you be a great summer camp leader.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Staff Training Begins

With the start of staff training today, my 23rd summer as a camp director begins. Staff training is my favorite time of the year at camp. I love the challenge of taking 50+ young adults from different backgrounds, with differing skills and a wide variety of personalities and molding them into a cohesive team with a single focus, providing great camp experiences for kids. It's a challenging and demanding but incredibly rewarding process.

With camp underway, there won't be time for the next couple of months to make daily blogs posts each weekday. During the summer I'll add blog posts as time permits but the frequency will be fewer and less predictable. When camp's over I'll return to posting each weekday.

For all of you serving in leadership roles at camp, have a great summer!