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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goals vs. Process

In a recent interview on NPR, several Olympic athletes talked about the key to their success. In each case , it wasn't a focus on their goals. While they all wanted to achieve at the highest levels, they all understood that having and passionately pursuing a goal wouldn't lead to success.

What these world class athletes understood was that it was a focus on the process, rather than the goal, that led to success. All of the athletes became obsessed with their preparation. They focused on meticulous preparation and practice of every aspect of their sport. Their goal in essence, became to be the best prepared athlete in their sport. That of course, led to the medal stand.

As I've reflected on the approach taken by these athletes I've thought about camp and what we hope to achieve. Where is our focus, on our goals or on the process that leads to those goals? If we focused more on process would we be more successful? If we had great programs, great staff, great facilities and great food service, would we have great attendance numbers? How could we become obsessed with doing the right things, the right way?