Welcome to the Summer Camp Leadership blog. For those of us who lead summer camps, making a positive difference in the lives of young people is our passion. Turning that passion into a reality, however, takes more than the ability to lead songs, teach archery or plan craft projects. Creating camp experiences that truly transform lives takes leadership. Leadership that creates a vision for the future, leadership that inspires and engages others, leadership that remains focused and stays the course. My hope is through this blog you'll find ideas, inspiration and tools to help you be a great summer camp leader.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Spring has always been a season associated with growth and renewal. There is a sense of newness and starting over as the natural world around us begins another growing season. The ritual of spring cleaning can be viewed as a human response to the desire to follow the pattern of nature to leave the old behind and to start fresh.

Tanveer Naseer writes in his blog that spring is the ideal time for organizations to also do a little cleaning, not in the literal sense, but in how we work. He suggests the openness to renewal, rejuvenation and change that people feel in the spring creates an ideal time to reassess how we work. Try spending some time with your staff exploring these "spring cleaning" questions:

What should we be doing?

What should we keep doing?

What should we do differently? 

What should we stop doing?