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Monday, September 14, 2015

Micro vs, Macro Managers

Julie Winkle Giulioni, author of  Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want, recently shared this great summary of the difference between micromanagers and macromanagers on the Smartblog on Leadership. 

Micromanagers focus onMacromanagers focus on
How: Micromanagers want to dictate how to accomplish a task.What: Macromanagers are more concerned about the end product or what is delivered.
Directive: Micromanagers tend to give instructions and decrees.Direction: Macromanagers tend to determine the destination or direction and let other figure out how to get there.
Procedures: Micromanagers concern themselves with regulations, processes, and other administrative issues.Possibilities: Macromanagers focus instead on opportunities and create a compelling vision of the future.
Monitor: Micromanagers have mastered follow-up, ensuring that the commitments made have been delivered.Mentor: Macromanagers focus their energy on helping others grow and develop to reach their potential.
Compliance: Micromanagers ensure that processes have been followed and results delivered.Commitment: Macromanagers tap engagement and ensure a sustainable source of energy, ideas and deep connection to the organization’s mission.
Clearinghouse: Micromanagers serve as an orchestrator at the spoke of the wheel, accepting and funneling information where it’s required.Collaboration: Macromanagers encourage networking and connections among group or team members to ensure strong bonds and ongoing networking to serve the organization as a whole.