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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Making Good Decisions - Part II

In Part I of this post we looked at the "four villains" that authors Chip and Dan Heath suggest get in the way of making good decisions. They propose four strategies for counteracting these problems. They call them the WRAP Process.

1. Widen Our Options - Take the time and expend the energy to generate as many options as possible. Start by brainstorming where the focus is on the quantity rather than the quality of the potential paths to take.

2. Reality Test Our Assumptions - Get constructive criticism and dissenting opinions. Consider the possibility that your assumptions are wrong and the opposite is true.

3. Attain Distance Before Deciding - Take some time, get some distance, and try to remove yourself from the intensity of the emotions involved in the decision.

4. Prepare to Be Wrong - Think about and plan for what happens if your decision is wrong. Be ready to change course quickly if the situation dictates.